Durmitor - 150 kilometres off the beaten track

There are 25 marked mountain-hiking trails in the Park of various length and for different levels of physical fitness. The trail system, 150 km long, leads to the mountain world of unique geomorphological features. The mountains with sharp, jagged peaks (Zupci, Minin bogaz), vertically cut mountains (Savin kuk, Šljeme), saddled mountains (Sedlana greda), twisted and curved (Uvita greda), shaped like shields (Štit), mountains with mottled sides (Šareni pasovi), lonely mountains (Stožina), mountains with nameless peaks(Bezimeni vrhovi) or with rounded peaks (Obla glava) as well as the windy hills (Vjetrana brda) provide a unique experience of glacial lakes, centuries-old forests, grassy hills and valleys. Recommended trails: The Educational trail around Crno jezero, Barno - Zminje - Crno jezero, Todorov do – Prutaš, Crno jezero-Stari katun(Lokvice)-Ledena pecina, Sedlo – Zeleni vir – Bobotov kuk, Dobri do (Izvor Šarban) – Škrčko ždrijelo – Prutaš – Škrčka jezera.

  Marked Trails

  Be aware of wildlife


Savin Kuk Cable Car to Black Lake hike trip

If you take a road from cable car Savin Kuk toward Motički Gaj you will see a small dirt road toward forest, this is where you enter the nature and experince wild beauty. Follow the signs and you will reach Black Lake (Crno Jezero) in around 1 hour, maybe 1:30 if you stop to taste the forest strawberries or just enjoy the nature to the fullest.

Black Lake circle Hike Route

This hike is for entire family, it lasts around 1:30 and it goes all around the Black Lake.

Vražije jezero/Devils Lake route

This route is a long one and it is not going through forest. You will take a road toward Šavnik and turn left at Banske kuće monument. Weather approving you can take a bath in this lake, Water is clear and warmer than Black Lake during summer days..