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Gorgeous, randomly shaped nature was inspitation for myths and folk tales about fairies, dragons, devils. Durmitor is the "homeland" of Duke Momčilo and his winged horse Jabučilo, as well as of the legendary person Marko Kraljevic.Sedlana greda (2227 m.a.s.l.) for its beauty and magnificence also known as “The Saddle of Gods“ from which you can see Valovito and Modro jezero, Šareni pasovi and the peaks of Šljemen..


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Mountain tops over 2300 meters
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Gastronomy - Enjoy the food

If you are visiting Žabljak and Durmitor for the first time we suggest some of the local specialties. These include Priganice (preeganitse), Popara (Pawparha) and Kisjelo Mlijeko (Kisyelo Mleeyekoh). One of the best places to try these is a restaurant Durmitorsko Sijelo located at Savin Kuk cable car starting point.Restaurant opens at 10 AM and closes at around 16PM. Furthermore you can try lamb cooked using traditional methods.