What to see - Sightseeing

With a large number of natural attractions, Durmitor attracts many tourists each year.

  Čeline - A periodical source at the foot of Međed Peak, above the Black Lake. In the spring when snow melts, the Čeline Source “explodes (burst)” with great roar and water cascades fall into the lake. If there is not enough snow during the winter, this natural phenomenon will not happen and the level of the lake stays low

  The Black Lake -Favorite recreational place for families. Numerous travel writers and poets wrote about its crystal blue color. In winter, it is covered by the ice sheet and in summer its water warms up to 20 degrees so it is possible to swim in it.

  Đurđevića Tara Bridge - One of 20 most beautiful bridges in the world by the choice of the Bright Side portal. Its five arches, 370m long, jump across the wild river from one coast to another. The first arch is especially magnificent. Its span is 116 meters

  Glacial lakes - There are 18 glacial lakes at heights over 1500 meters adding great charm to the Durmitor massif. Durmitorians called them "Gorske Oci" (Mountain Eyes).

  The jagged peaks - From all peaks of Durmitor massif three are most visited and most popular for climbing - Bobotov Kuk (2523 m), Savin Kuk (2313 m) and Medjed (2287 m).

  The Ljutica River -Left tributary of Tara River, is proud of its two European records. It is the shortest and the most powerful river in Europe. It is only 130 meters long.