The national parks of Montenegro are ready to welcome the new tourist season, according to the officials, stating that ticket prices are the same as last year, while the offer is enriched with new content.

The National Parks emphasize that they have already started preparations for the new season, and they are using the pre-season to address shortcomings and improve service.

“As for the prices, last year a change was made to the Decision on Fees, which is still in effect this year, so the prices of daily tickets in Durmitor National Park and Skadar Lake National Park remain five euros. In Biogradska Gora National Park, they are four euros, while in Prokletije and Lovćen National Parks, they are three euros,” said Bogdan Đurašković, a tourism expert at the Montenegro National Parks Public Enterprise.

Visitors can also purchase an annual pass for an unlimited number of visits to all national parks in Montenegro at 13.5 EUR.

In the new season, the parks will offer visitors new content. “For now, the novelty in our offer is the creation of a new barefoot walking trail in Lovćen National Park. Also, the renovation of the existing children’s trail in the area of Ivanova korita,” Đurašković stated.

Also, there are plans to prepare the renovation of the trail around Crno Jezero (Durmitor) as well as the formation of some new interpretive programs for park tours. “What is planned in the near future is the rental of bicycles in all national parks, as part of our active leisure agenda,” said Đurašković.

As for the existing content, Đurašković recommends visiting visitor centers in Skadar Lake National Park, in Vranjina and Virpazar, with interesting exhibitions, as well as a train that operates in Lovćen National Park, which could soon be available to those who visit Durmitor and Biogradska Gora.

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