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For 2024 Season Tickets for NP Durmitor and Skadar Lake remain five euros

The national parks of Montenegro are ready to welcome the new tourist season, according to the officials, stating that ticket prices are the same as last year, while the offer is enriched with new content.

The National Parks emphasize that they have already started preparations for the new season, and they are using the pre-season to address shortcomings and improve service.

“As for the prices, last year a change was made to the Decision on Fees, which is still in effect this year, so the prices of daily tickets in Durmitor National Park and Skadar Lake National Park remain five euros. In Biogradska Gora National Park, they are four euros, while in Prokletije and Lovćen National Parks, they are three euros,” said Bogdan Đurašković, a tourism expert at the Montenegro National Parks Public Enterprise.

Visitors can also purchase an annual pass for an unlimited number of visits to all national parks in Montenegro at 13.5 EUR.

In the new season, the parks will offer visitors new content. “For now, the novelty in our offer is the creation of a new barefoot walking trail in Lovćen National Park. Also, the renovation of the existing children’s trail in the area of Ivanova korita,” Đurašković stated.

Also, there are plans to prepare the renovation of the trail around Crno Jezero (Durmitor) as well as the formation of some new interpretive programs for park tours. “What is planned in the near future is the rental of bicycles in all national parks, as part of our active leisure agenda,” said Đurašković.

As for the existing content, Đurašković recommends visiting visitor centers in Skadar Lake National Park, in Vranjina and Virpazar, with interesting exhibitions, as well as a train that operates in Lovćen National Park, which could soon be available to those who visit Durmitor and Biogradska Gora.

black lake zabljak

Discover Black Lake, Zabljak: Boat Rentals, Fishing, Hiking, and More at Affordable Prices

Black Lake (Crno Jezero), located in the heart of Durmitor National Park, is a popular tourist destination in city of Žabljak, Montenegro. The crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the stunning mountain scenery, make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. There are many activities available to visitors at Black Lake.

One of the most popular activities is renting a boat. You can rent a boat on Crno Jezero for €10 per hour and explore the lake on your own. Alternatively, you can bring your own boat for a fee of €5 per hour. Fishing is another popular activity at Black Lake, with a daily sports fishing permit costing €20.

If you prefer to stay on land, there are several hiking trails around the lake, including the popular 3.5 km trail that circles the lake. Visitors can also rent bicycles for €3 per hour or €8 per day to explore the surrounding area.

For those seeking a bit more adventure, there are jeep tours available for €20 per day. These tours take you through the rugged terrain of Durmitor National Park and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Camping is also allowed around Black Lake, with prices ranging from €3 per day for using the space for setting up a tent to €20 per day for using a well-kept camping space. For those who love a good campfire, fire fighting in specially arranged places is available for €5 per day, with the required amount of wood included.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful day on the water, a challenging hike, or an adrenaline-fueled bike tour, Black Lake has something for everyone. With its idyllic setting and affordable prices, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular destination among locals and tourists alike.

The Enchanting Lakes of Durmitor National Park: A Tale of Beauty and Wonder

Listen closely, my dear adventurers, for I shall tell thee of a place that shall steal your heart away. In the midst of Montenegro lies Durmitor National Park, a land of unparalleled beauty, where majestic mountains and serene lakes create a landscape that rivals even the most wondrous of tales.

But it is the lakes that shall capture thy soul and leave you breathless with their enchanting beauty. Let me paint thee a picture of the most alluring of them all:

Firstly, there is the Black Lake, also known by the name of Crno Jezero. It is a vast expanse of water, nestled between the rugged terrain, and wrapped in the embrace of towering spruce trees. The air is filled with the sweet scent of pine, and the tranquil waters beckon thee to come closer, to take a leisurely stroll around its banks or perhaps even swim in its clear depths.

Secondly, there is the Barno Lake, which may be smaller than the Black Lake, but no less captivating. At an altitude of 1460 meters, its crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding mountains, creating a sight that shall leave thee in wonder. The shores are carpeted with wildflowers, and the gentle breeze carries with it the songs of the birds that call this place home.

Thirdly, there is the Zminje Lake, a mystical place hidden away in a glacial valley, surrounded by jagged peaks. It is often referred to as the Dragon Lake, for legend has it that a dragon once resided within its depths. Thou shalt be entranced by its beauty, as thou stand in awe before the reflection of the mountains upon its surface.

Fourthly, there is the Valovito Lake, a serene place where thee canst bask in the tranquility of nature. Situated at an altitude of 1860 meters, it is fed by underground springs and is surrounded by lush alpine meadows. The sun burns over peaks, casting dappled shadows upon the water, creating a sight that shall remain etched in thy heart forevermore.

Lastly, there is the Modro Lake, also known as the Blue Lake. Nestled within a dense forest, it is a small yet picturesque lake. Its waters are a deep shade of blue, and it is said that they possess healing properties. The air is thick with the scent of wildflowers, and the rustling of leaves in the breeze shall lull thee into a state of peacefulness.

So, my dear adventurers, Durmitor National Park is a place of wonder, and its lakes embody the very essence of beauty. So pack thy bags, don thy hiking boots, and set forth to this enchanted land where thou shalt discover the magic that lies within.

Top Places to Visit in Montenegro

Ostrog – monastery
When you first find yourself in front of monastery of Ostrog, your first thought will be that it is not created by a man, this glorious monastery located above the valley of Bjelopavlici, carved in rocks as though keeping centenarian secrets of this shrine. Metropolitan Vasilije founded monastery of Ostrog in 17th century. The most magnificent part of monastery is Gornji Ostrog. There are two churches upper Church dedicated to Holy Cross. The other Lower church in Gornji manastir is dedicated to Vavedenje of Holy Mary. People of all religions and nations visit Ostrog. This shrine is one of the most visited in Christian world.
Boka  bay
Boka Kotorska bay is one of the most beautiful bays of the world. It consists of four connected straits. High cliffs surround Boka Kotorska bay from all sides that reflects in deep blue water of The Adriatic Sea. Seven island decorate Boka Kotorska bay: Sveti Marko, Mamula, Gospa od Skrpjela, Sveti Djordje, Milosrdja, Ostrvo cveca and Mala Gospa, that is the smallest among them. On the road around Boka Kotorska bay there are a chain of cities that by their characteristics can tell a lot, among them is Kotor, city of World Cultural Heritage .

Lovcen – mountain, mausoleum
Mountain of Lovcen rises above littoral and makes the back of the city of Kotor. This mountainous massive has important role of sense of Montenegrin people. Lovcen is a symbol of state and national identity. Mountain of Lovcen is proclaimed National park that takes the highest and central part of Lovcen massive. The tops are Stirovnik and Jezerski vrh where is mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, one of the greatest poets, philosophers and statesmen of Montenegro. Lovcen abounds in valuable building heritage, summer pastures and village gumnos. One of valuable religious monuments is the village of Njegusi the birthplace of Njegos located at the old road leading from Kotor to Cetinje.

Ada Bojana – coast
Ada Bojana is river island created artificially. In 19 th century in the vicinity of two smaller islands on the present location Ada Bojana sunk ship “Merito”. During the years on the wreck of this ship and islands nearby gathered river send and created this beautiful island. Ada Bojana is of rectangular shape. From one side swept by The Adriatic Sea and to other two the rive Bojana. The beach turned toward the sea is sandy and three km long and is a heaven for sailing. On the river bans of Ada Bojana there are many fish restaurants that in a traditional way catch fish.

Skadarsko jezero – lake
The Scadar Lake is the largest lake in the Balkans. Its specific and beauty reveals in rich flora and fauna. The Scadar Lake is an important habitat of water birds. Rare curly pelican is the mark of National park. Average depth of the Scadar Lake is 6 m and as some parts of bottom are under sea level it makes depth up to 60 m. Such places at Scadar Lake are named “oka”. The shore of the Scadar Lake is picturesque and abounds in peninsulas and bay of swamp type. The Scadar Lake hides numerous endemic species of flora and fauna. It is decorated by Goricas, small islands covered by wild pomegranate laurel and ivy. The Scadar Lake is rich with cultural and historic monuments spread across large part of this National park. Small abandoned fishing in habitants located at very water also represent exceptional cultural heritage. Ramasar convention from 1996 enlisted the Scadar Lake in World list of swamps of international importance.

Because of its  beauty and untouched nature Durmitor was as early as in 1952 proclaimed National park. National park Durmitor spreads from mountain massive of Durmitor with canyons of the rivers Tara, Susica and Draga to the canyon valley of the river Komarnica. Giant Durmitor abounds in imposing mountaintops and numerous glacier lakes surrounded by rich evergreen forests. Fast and clear rivers gifted Durmitor with magnificent canyons among them is exceptional the Tara River canyon as one of the most beautiful in the world. Plentiful flora and fauna of Durmitor attracts many nature lovers. Durmitor is World Natural Heritage.

Tara – river and canyon
Canyon of the wild and untamed beauty of the Tara River second deepest in the world, after the Colorado River canyon. During centuries this “ Tear of Europe” got this art masterpiece of priceless value, creating numerous breathless gorges and river sinks. Waterfalls and calm parts of the River Tara give impression of fairy scenery. Banks are full with vegetation and special are forests of black pine trees four hundred years old. This restless river challenge visitors of adventurous spirit to let it grow and pass unforgettable moments in rafting its white waters. Tara river canyon is World Natural Heritage.

Biogradska gora – lake anf forest
National park Biogradska Gora is located between the rivers Tara and Lim in the middle of mountain Bjelasica. Swift streams cut through scenery of Biogradska Gora, green pastures and clear lakes reflecting centennial forests. The thing that makes Biogradska Gora unique is virgin forest Biogradska Gora. In the very heart of Biogradska virgin forest is Biogradsko Lake the largest glacier lake in this National park. Biogradska Gora abounds in cultural and historic heritage consisting of sacral monuments national building and archeological localities. Numerous authentic buildings of traditional architecture at summer pastures and villages spread at limit of virgin forest reserve of mountain Bjelasica.

Sveti Stefan – coast
One of the most precious gifts of nature to Montenegro is peninsula Sveti Stefan. Legend says that Pastrovici, the local tribe, built on this peninsula with captured Turk treasure, in 15th century. Today it is attractive city-hotel with villas and apartments with magnificent views to sea horizon. At Sveti Stefan there are also rich cultural and historic heritage left behind by its original inhabitants. On the left and right side of sandy isthmus connecting island with the shore there are two beautiful beaches of reddish color.

Apartment Rentals in Durmitor

More and more travellers are now paying more attention to short stay apartments  instead of conventional hotels. This has also resulted in mushroom growth of these apartment and cottage rentals in Durmitor. Just like in the hotel business, there are some good quality furnished apartments and some are not so good. Most of these  Apartments are in the unorganized sector and as such there are no ratings. The following information will help you select a decent place, especially when you are making reservations from far away places

The first test is to the analyze the company’s website. There are some operators who do not have a website. They work through AirBnB or sites like Booking and Expedia. A company’s website is actually a reflection of what the company is all about. If the layout and the designing of the website is poor, then you can expect their apartment to look like that. Moreover, if the website has linkages to Facebook, Twitter and has a blog or even reviews, it reflects positively about the company. Details such as the reservations, availability, rates, pictures, location, facilities, leasing agreement should also be checked.

Try sending an email to the company, if you are unable to call. The turnaround time tells you about the company. A professional company will always respond to its customers even if they do not have the availability or able to match the rates. See how courteous they are in writing.

Additionally, if the apartment building is located close to the shopping area, chances are that it is an upscale building. Such buildings provide better facilities and are very well maintained. You may also want to ask the operator about the age of the building. Those buildings which are more than thirty or forty years old tend to have poor maintenance.

Skiing VS Snowboarding

If you search, you can find very interesting documentation about the rivalry of the skier and snowboarders, fighting to name their favorite sport as the best. However, for a person who has tried both of skiing and snowboarding can better understand that; the one who tries to master both of these will surely miss something.

However, it is also a fact that not everyone has the time to learn both the games. Therefore, the only option left with us is to choose one of these. However, the question is; which one to go for? Here will be review some of the pros and cons of both the sports and will try to make a decision which one will suit our nature and interest the most.

The Learning Process:

Skiing: For skiing, the learning curve is a bit fast as it is done on the most near to natural mode of movement- moving on two independent legs with freedom of movement. Once you have got a hold on the snowplough turns that can snowplow in first of the second day of trial and you are almost capable to ski around the whole mountain. The rest of life can be spent making exciting adventures and trying some more skilled level of terrains.

Snowboarding: drab color a long and bruising process and you are limited to deal with it only when the snow is soft. It takes a lot of time to move down the slope, make you balance on one board and take turns etc. As compare to the skier, the snowboarder feels more restricted due to both feet clamped on a single board. Making people feel un-natural while moving.

The convenience of the Player:

Skiing: the worst part of skiing is walking to the lifts with your clumped ski boots and other equipment. The more you try to look cool with the ski on your shoulder, the more they will slip off and this can hurt your collarbone as well. In addition, this struggle continues until you will reach the top of the mountain.

The Snowboarding: you can look a cool dude while walking through the car park as you will be wearing your comfortable soft boots and holding your snowboard. The moment you start the snowboarding, your actual struggle begins, giving you a number of challenges. At the same time, if you are snowboarding on the mountain, you are probably not deal with the best idea ever.

The Posing:

Skiing: the skintight suits are not intended now but are appreciated by ski racers while doing aerodynamics. However, the young skiers can be seen dealing with the baggy gears.

The Snowboarding: the snowboarders look really pretty in their baggy and drab colored gears but it is something achieved after spending lots of money. The actual snowboards have retro and subdued graphics on it and are much different from the one you can see out there.

Avalanche and Injuries:

Skiing: upper body and the head injuries are the most common types of dangers one can feel in this sport. This can be accompanied by a leg break or rupture of muscles while falling or hitting anything on your way down the slope. However, for avalanches, there are other backcountry gateways found by these passionate skiers and are more tend to go there now.

The Snowboarding: It is safer for any snowplow injury in the lower body part including legs, ankles etc. however there are frequent chances for upper body injuries. Stack from the front brings you bright chances for collarbone or wrist break.

After all these logical points and discussions, anyone can have a clear idea of to go with which sport. For a cool-dude kind of attitude, snowboarding can be all fine but for the one who is enthusiastic, passionate and loves adventure, the only most suitable option is skiing.

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