Skiing VS Snowboarding

If you search, you can find very interesting documentation about the rivalry of the skier and snowboarders, fighting to name their favorite sport as the best. However, for a person who has tried both of skiing and snowboarding can better understand that; the one who tries to master both of these will surely miss something.

However, it is also a fact that not everyone has the time to learn both the games. Therefore, the only option left with us is to choose one of these. However, the question is; which one to go for? Here will be review some of the pros and cons of both the sports and will try to make a decision which one will suit our nature and interest the most.

The Learning Process:

Skiing: For skiing, the learning curve is a bit fast as it is done on the most near to natural mode of movement- moving on two independent legs with freedom of movement. Once you have got a hold on the snowplough turns that can snowplow in first of the second day of trial and you are almost capable to ski around the whole mountain. The rest of life can be spent making exciting adventures and trying some more skilled level of terrains.

Snowboarding: drab color a long and bruising process and you are limited to deal with it only when the snow is soft. It takes a lot of time to move down the slope, make you balance on one board and take turns etc. As compare to the skier, the snowboarder feels more restricted due to both feet clamped on a single board. Making people feel un-natural while moving.

The convenience of the Player:

Skiing: the worst part of skiing is walking to the lifts with your clumped ski boots and other equipment. The more you try to look cool with the ski on your shoulder, the more they will slip off and this can hurt your collarbone as well. In addition, this struggle continues until you will reach the top of the mountain.

The Snowboarding: you can look a cool dude while walking through the car park as you will be wearing your comfortable soft boots and holding your snowboard. The moment you start the snowboarding, your actual struggle begins, giving you a number of challenges. At the same time, if you are snowboarding on the mountain, you are probably not deal with the best idea ever.

The Posing:

Skiing: the skintight suits are not intended now but are appreciated by ski racers while doing aerodynamics. However, the young skiers can be seen dealing with the baggy gears.

The Snowboarding: the snowboarders look really pretty in their baggy and drab colored gears but it is something achieved after spending lots of money. The actual snowboards have retro and subdued graphics on it and are much different from the one you can see out there.

Avalanche and Injuries:

Skiing: upper body and the head injuries are the most common types of dangers one can feel in this sport. This can be accompanied by a leg break or rupture of muscles while falling or hitting anything on your way down the slope. However, for avalanches, there are other backcountry gateways found by these passionate skiers and are more tend to go there now.

The Snowboarding: It is safer for any snowplow injury in the lower body part including legs, ankles etc. however there are frequent chances for upper body injuries. Stack from the front brings you bright chances for collarbone or wrist break.

After all these logical points and discussions, anyone can have a clear idea of to go with which sport. For a cool-dude kind of attitude, snowboarding can be all fine but for the one who is enthusiastic, passionate and loves adventure, the only most suitable option is skiing.